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Tune in to that intuition and then dig deeper.

Cancer Weekly Astrology Horoscope 30th September 2019

The new eclipses cycle begins with your birthday season in July when we will see a total solar eclipse at the time of the new Moon in your 1st on the 2nd followed by an eclipse of the full Moon in your 7th on the 16th. This is all about relating and relationships now.

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If a new relationship appears — remember that eclipses cover up so please take your time in getting to know the person. You are about to enter into one of the best periods you have experienced in 12 years when it comes to partnership matters — so believe me when I say there is no hurry. Trust your gut instincts about someone. Even if your head is saying one thing, if you intuition is telling you something else then please — heed it. December is the start of a game-changer in every sense of the word. Jupiter moves from your 6th and into your 7th for the first time in 12 years.

At the same time, Venus will be in here from November 26 bringing you a cycle of love like no other — or even a lover like no other you have experienced before — especially as Jupiter will make a highly charged angle to Uranus mid-December. Accept any and all invitations — no excuses if love is what you are seeking now. You never know who is going to be under that mistletoe. December 26 brings another new Moon eclipse — this one in your 7th. Saturn and Pluto are moving to meet in this house in pointing to a time of transformational changes when it comes to love during the coming year.

Jupiter will want to bring you a larger, bolder, more adventurous and pleasurable love experience. But please bear in mind that if something is broken, Jupiter will not fix it. As the old year ends and you stand on the cusp of the new one, it will be time to own the knowledge of whether something is working — or not. If something needs to be let go of, then Jupiter can facilitate making this easier than at any other time. For others, continues themes which began at the start of Expect a transformation in your relationship status and how you relate during the next 12 months.

Existing connections could deeper and be taken to the next level. You explore new ways to bring love and your partner closer. So get connected to that in if connecting to that one special person is your goal. In a nutshell: Exciting new people enter your life that could have a major influence on your destiny — especially your love future in , Cancer. Time to connect — to a cycle of fresh potential and new purpose!

Rare event. Cancer Is ruled by the Moon planet of emotions and is a water sign. Protective, nurturing and loving Cancer is the homebody of the Zodiac. You can be over sensitive but also intuitive and feel things deeply. Get ready for home and emotional fulfilment on every level Cancer! Each sign has planets which help or hinder when it comes to attracting money into your lives. Discover the power of your money planets. You are the only sign who has the Moon as their ruler and you do not share her with any other.

If you have your Sun in Cancer or have Cancer rising, then she is your ruler. The Moon is associated with intuition, dreams and psychic abilities while your sign is that of home, family, […]. Michele lets you in on the essential soul hacks for love success. Your North Node points the way to your Soul Mate. Entertainment SP www. Terms and conditions. Customer service enquiries: We recommend buying a package. Customer care enquiries: Higher rate for calls from payphones and mobile phones.

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There are no coincidences — only forces at work in the cosmos we have yet to understand. But sometimes we just have to accept this and go with them. This could be one of those times. The Sun enters your 9 th bringing us the solstice on the 21sts also and a renewed commitment on your part to your personal freedom. Your increased confidence now makes any decisions easy. The full Moon in your 3 rd on the 22 nd marks the point where you confront something that needs to be said. This does not mean that the holidays are taking on a serious cast however!

This is a full Moon under which to travel to see loved ones or spend the holidays away from home. It promises invitations, lots of comings and goings and neighbours and siblings if you have them, may play a role here. Talks of Christmas past, present and yet to come feature as does enjoying shared entertainment and good times which just emphasise the spirit of the season. This full Moon is about being in the moment and enjoying the here and now. Your values, money, assets and again, what you share with others all comes into focus too around this time as for the first time in 12 years, Mercury and Jupiter meet in your 8 th on the same day as the full Moon.

Powerful gains, letting go of something in order to accept something bigger, what you give and receive, what you owe and what others owe you will feature now. Remember, Mercury is in retrograde shadow for another three days. The way forward may now be clear but try to delay signing on that dotted line until after the holidays when it will be out of retro shadow. This is your pivotal point of power as the year ends. Your chance to make a big decision that frees you and propels you into something bigger for This could involve a payout, settlement, bonus or just you and someone close to you, deciding on a better way to work with what you have.

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The sum of the whole may be greater than the parts if so. Decisions stop the boat rocking so make them — with love, this December. In a nutshell: Time to look at where imbalances have occurred in your relationships, money or even self-love. You begin the month with ruler Mercury still in retrograde form in its ruling 6 th in your chart. It will head direct once more on the 6 th and re-enter your 7 th on the 12 th. It began its retrograde period in your 7 th so please bear in mind that it will not move out of retrograde shadow until the 24 th.

Venus has also been retrograde — a rare event as out of all the planets, Venus retrograde the least. Venus began its retrograde in your 6 th and now re-enters it on the 2 nd. Venus will not exit its retrograde shadow until the New Year so between now and then, expect continued reshuffles, renegotiations, delays and complications around money and your relationships.

One relationship or deal in particular may go back and forth, back and forth. Understand that you may not be able to do much about this and if this happens, trying to control it may just make it worse. Ask yourself what is going to happen if you just let go and let the chips fall where they may, so to speak? By all means, do what you can but once this is done — do no more. Let go and please, begin to enjoy the holiday season. While Venus retrograde and moving through retrograde shadow is not a good time to begin a new relationship but to review existing ones, this does not mean that partnerships, duos and double acts of any or all description, are off the menu this December.

After all, you have Jupiter, planet of expansion and abundance, in your 7 th for the first time in 12 years. This is setting you up to receive benefits of some description of another via a partnership or it will expand the potential of an existing one. Your path to any kind of success in the coming year lies with at least one other person and not going it alone. Keep in mind the embargo on new partnerships of any kind until after the first week of January but until then, look for exciting new beginnings and fresh starts within an existing one.

It appears the day after your ruler has gone direct and this is no coincidence. It tells you now to push forward — with caution and willingness to wait if necessary, with those career, business, study, work and communication ventures which involve you and at least one other person. You have a lot of activity right now in your sector of long term career, reputation and rewards. Mars is in here firing up those ambitions and your desire to succeed. Chiron has also re-entered this sector of your chart and allows you to fully embrace your unique take on things — and pass this on so others can benefit.

Neptune can bring you inspiration, creativity aligned to promoting your purpose and allow you to intuit what your next move should be. Mars and Neptune are conjunct on the day the new Moon appears. Just keep in mind with Mercury and Venus both in retrograde shadow that reversals and renegotiations may continue until the end of December. Especially under a Venus retrograde. Relationship revivals may continue to be a possibility for some of you right up until the point Venus exits retrograde shadow in January.

The one that got away — anyone from a human being to a horse or a job, could reappear now. The unexpected chance encounter or reunion could be your gift this holiday season not only thanks to Jupiter in your 7 th but the Sun in here radiating across to Uranus, back in its ruling 11 th for one final go-around. Chances are you are both different this time around which could translate into a very different ending.

What has been in abeyance, or just going back and forth without a resolution, could finally be resolved as we arrive at the solstice. The Sun moves out of your 7 th and into your sexy and empowering 8 th where transformations occur. This is also the day that Mercury and Jupiter meet in your 7 th indicating a union in the making or a deal about to be done — Mercury has after all, only three days of shadow period left. Jupiter in your 7 th is all about benefits and opportunities that come via someone else.

This is the season where money can fly out of the door faster than we earn it. Your task is to look at what it buys you — or you buy others as we are talking about giving, that is lasting. People and experiences top your wishlist now when it comes to sharing. What is your money truly buying you? What do you have to give and most importantly, what you are receiving? You have set everything in motion and all you need to remember that when it comes to partnership matters — is not a year you will walk through alone. In a nutshell: will be a year to play with and explore all kinds of partnership potential.

December may resurrect an old one. Or take an existing one to a new level. Venus has been retrograde recently and is now in forward motion and re-enters your 5 th this week. This does not mean love is on hold however. Yes, it is still not a good time to begin a new love affair despite Venus being in the house which rules this. Not if you are hoping for something lasting. While Venus is in retrograde shadow the path to true love simply will not run smoothly.

Eternal triangles, emotional unavailability or just someone blowing hot and then cold, are likely during this period. Do you love yourself enough not to chance your heart but to wait? While this may not be a time for new love, it is a perfect time for the renewal or reawakening of old loves. And with your 5 th house this includes things you love to do as the 5 th rules fun, pleasure and hobbies. What have you allowed to lapse that you used to love to do? Has money played a role in this? Your 5 th house is the sign of Scorpio which rules sex — an important element of romance, and power money.

So, as Venus heads forward into here again, funding could free up access to that old pastime which gave you so much pleasure in the past.

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  • Venus rules our money and bank accounts while Mercury which rules business, communication, contracts and commerce, is the other shadow planet we need to be mindful of now. Mercury also turns direct in your 5 th from Dec 6 and will remain in shadow period until Dec During this time it will arrive back in its ruling 6 th in your chart from the 12 th.

    So, work related discussions, job offers or applications, interviews, study, your routine or even your health — all these matters may go back and forth until Mercury exits the shadow stage. We all have tasks ad duties we need to perform. Our day job is the obvious one. How does this affect your wellbeing?

    Weekly Written Astrology Forecast for All Signs December 10th 2018

    Does your job fulfil and stretch you, or does it frustrate and stress you? This new Moon asks you to tune in to what your body is telling you as the state of it is a reflection of how harmonious all these other aspects of your life are. But it is a very good time to revise that CV or review that lifestyle and routine and get it working for you once again. All this says: prepare to make your move and perhaps in a new and totally unexpected direction. Decisions and transformations may have already occurred around long term relationships for many of you.

    While the process continues for others. Again, with Venus in your 5 th and the Sun in your 7 th , this would normally be a wonderful time for attracting long term love but this time not until Venus is out of shadow during the first week of January. That renewed love I spoke of earlier could occur between you and your partner as you appreciate all over again, what made you fall for them in the first place. Others could take their commitment to the next level while the return of an old lover could be the star on top of the festive tree for some.

    What you attract now — aside from the usual gifts of the season, could well spring from the past while Venus remains in retro shadow. The Sun in here wants you reaching out and being with others and if this is not to be a new love, then it is time to reconnect to old ones and this includes old friends too. The full Moon in your 1 st the following day makes this a holiday period of deep resonance and also evaluation.

    Remember, full Moons reflect the energy of the opposite house they appear in. So, when the full Moon appears in our 1 st , this shines the light on our 7 th. This is your opportunity to open up, allow those close to you into your inner sanctum and also air any issues that need it. If something is out of balance, this will be very clear now and again, this is your opportunity to stop that boat rocking. However — if something is right you will be so aware of it.

    So, celebrate with whoever you find yourself with this holiday season and be grateful for the love you already have in your life as before new love and new opportunities light the way ahead for In a nutshell: Attracting someone or something from your past — to reviving an old love. December delivers opportunities to relive romance or what you love to do.

    It all seems new again, Cancer! Make no mistake, Leo. Something is being set in motion this month but it may take until January to catch up with you or make itself known.

    Cancer Daily Horoscope -

    You may not realise the significance of something until much later when it reappears fully formed. December asks you to have faith in the future and the knowledge that the Wheel of Fortune yes, just like the Tarot card! Just as good things come in small packages, small beginnings lead to big opportunities.

    Be on the lookout for the many opportunities December wants to deliver. Take note of who crosses your path or what appears now. It may flicker into being one moment, and then disappear again. Simply take note and even forget about it. The reason I advise this approach is that December puts us in a double retrograde shadow period.

    Things are up in the air, subject to changes and delays or are simply not yet in a solid, tangible form. This especially applies to anything to do with love or money, Leo! And as with all shadows, we may not be able to see what is within them until the Sun eliminates them. Venus has been making a rare retrograde since October. December sees the planet of love direct once more and re-entering your 4 th of home, family and long term security from the 2 nd. But Venus will remain in retrograde shadow until the first week of January. So, new love is on hold until then.

    With your ruler the Sun in your 5 th along with Jupiter, this does not mean someone could not cross your path, just that you either may not realise their significance or they could come in and then mysteriously disappear until the New Year. Mercury is also in retrograde shadow form. It too is in your 4 th when the retrograde ends and will arrive back in your 5 th on the 12 th.

    But it will remain in retrograde shadow time until the 24 th. So, business opportunities and creative ventures may go back and forth or be promised but not fully manifest until after that time. Again, take a hands-off approach and step back if this happens. This is an act of faith in your future, your talents, your skills and the knowledge that when the time is right the universe turns in our direction. Hints and tantalizing glimpses of what is to come are wrapped in the promise of the new Moon in your 5 th on the 7 th. This is your house of children so your child, stepchild or just someone younger than you, could play a role in reconnecting you to simple joy, fun and that feeling of being in the moment we have when we are young and doing something we love.

    Yes, this is your house of romance and you also have Mercury and Jupiter meeting in here for the first time in 12 years on the 21 st. Ask yourself where you want to go, see or experience. This is the day of the solstice when your ruler the Sun exits your 5 th and heads on into your sector of work and wellbeing. Meanwhile, Mars is in its ancient and deeply resonant 8 th house promising transformation, changes and yes — sex. This can mark the time to take a chance on something, to see the emergence of that new beginning. This especially applies as Mercury has just three days remaining in its shadow period.

    But please when it comes to love, hold back a little longer. No matter what transpires, take it that the doors to opportunity are now opening for you, even if you cannot yet see what is on the other side. Changes are on their way — possibly ones that remake your world. Mars has you doing what needs to be done and intensifies your passion and allure and what you will discover if you are out and about this holiday season, is that people will be drawn to you like moths to a flame!

    Work that mojo while all the while remaining aware that these are seeds to be planted and harvested later rather than right now. If for any reason you are still waiting for a final piece of information before going ahead with something, are uncertain or things are still up in the air or unresolved, then the full Moon in your 12 th on the 22 nd should show you clearly what the missing piece of the puzzle is or what needs to be done now. Taking a few days off over the holiday period could well deliver the answers and perspective you need.

    Be the observer now as we head towards the New Year. You may not quite see it yet, but the seeds of the future have been planted and have taken root. Something important begins this month — but you may not see it at first. Wait to discover more. And this is of course linked to destiny, path and karma.

    When the time is right —things happen. What springs to mind here is the story of an extremely attractive friend of mine — also Mercury ruled. She had a successful career and owned a beautiful home but had no partner. We begin the month in double retrograde jeopardy mode. Ruler Mercury is in its ruling 3 rd in your chart so chances are you have dealt with a triple whammy of retrograde mayhem. Stick to the retrograde rules which you of all signs should know by heart as it heads forward from the 6 th.

    It will reenter your 4 th of home, family and long term plans on the 12 th but remain in retrograde shadow until the 24 th. So, you have another 12 days of backwards and forwards uncertainty to deal with. Certainly when it comes to anything to do with your home, living arrangements, family matters or even career decisions, if you can hold off on these for the shadow period — do so.

    You have a fabulous Mercury aspect happening this month which I will talk about later in the forecast. The other shadow dance which is happening in the sky is Venus which is now moving forward again and re-enters your 3rds on the 2 nd — the same day that Mercury will trine the North Node in your 11 th from here. Which is where your dance with destiny and timing plays a role here. This dance could well involve you and another person and goes oh so deep beyond this lifetime.

    Meeting someone or even reconnecting with a person who will have a major effect on how your lifepath unfolds is likely. This could well be someone you have encountered before due to the retrograde shadow influences. There is more going on here than meets the eye. Money, something you share and yes, even sexual attraction could be involved. Just bear in mind that while Venus is now direct, the planet of love and money remains in retrograde shadow until the first week of January. Go with the natural timing of how things unfold now. What decisions is it time to make when it comes to your long term happiness and security?

    Yes, I know we are still in the shadows of the retrograde but this does not stop us from seeing what changes need to be made — even if we do not act on them yet. This Moon is telling you not to dismiss your feelings as inconsequential. You are the sign above all others where little things mean so much to you.

    Are these missing in your life or your relationships? This Moon reawakens the importance of this for you on an emotional level as it works with Neptune to make you aware you should no longer ignore these insights. Mars is giving you a call to action as well as letting you know that feeling passionately about well — your feelings, is justified. We are heading into family time and all the support but also all the expectations this brings us. This new Moon is always the point where we are asked to claim our own emotions and our own life — to live it our way.

    This can arrive in the form of a person or a money making or career opportunity. Or us seeing the way forward to getting what we want. Breaking away or breaking free as well as that lucky break feature as this Moon can see us move out of stagnation or away from uncertainty and into stability.

    Watch what early Christmas gifts arrive now. Some of you could be looking at a financial break or offer of help which allows you to establish a more secure foundation for the coming year. Like your own personal horoscope page, with easy online payments! Join members area now! Have a burning question? Did you love this page? Share it with your friends!

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