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They are pioneers who value the pursuit of new experiences. Jupiter in Taurus individuals understand the power of the present. Their loyalty is impeccable and they value continuity, disliking change. Progress is measured and carefully planned to ensure the fullness of each and every experience. Regular time in the natural world is beneficial.

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They expand life though their steadfastness and appreciation of pleasure. You can find them promoting the importance of security. Those who have a true love of learning are those with Jupiter in Gemini. Every kind of information is valued and these individuals willingly share all they know with those who are interested. They understand the power of interpersonal contacts and are excellent networkers. The family unit and relationships with relatives are paramount for those with Jupiter in Cancer. They crave emotional connection and create clans throughout life with different groups of people.

They are caring, protective and generous towards loved ones.

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The strong self belief of those with Jupiter in Leo helps them take centre stage in their chosen field. These are the actors, the artists and the performers.

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They are excellent leaders as their warm-hearted approach inspires others. Health, wellbeing and efficiency are the hallmarks of those with Jupiter in Virgo. They are fussy about details knowing the little things matter. Regular routines and consistency are highly valued. They understand the value of order, systems and spreadsheets.

Those with Jupiter in Libra are the peacekeepers, negotiators and diplomats. They value the place of the arts in society. Great public speakers and debaters, they make excellent lawyers and excel in any role where either the pursuit of justice and equality or balance and beauty is paramount. You can find them promoting the importance of equality. I think of Jupiter in Scorpio individuals as the magicians. They possess immense personal and psychic power as well as an innate understanding of the uses and influence of money. The more understanding they develop around spiritual and energetic forces the more powerful they become.

Their ways may be mysterious but they succeed.

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You can find them promoting the importance of power. Natural teachers and preachers, those born with Jupiter in Sagittarius are optimistic and forward thinking. These are the philosophers of the Zodiac who not only seek the meaning of life, but do something about sharing their experiences with as many people as possible. They can be found in public speaking, PR or media roles, often expressing their larger-than-life persona.

You can find them promoting the importance of faith.

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Being cautious and conservative are hallmarks of the Jupiter in Capricorn group. Here the exuberance of Jupiter is grounded in the most ambitious, hardworking sign. It helps in making you prosper financially and bring good luck. However, the impact of Jupiter transit into Scorpio is different from person to person depending upon their planetary positions. The effect of the transit wholly depends on the relation of Jupiter with its natal planet and other planetary grounds.

The astrological predictions have a total base on your birth details. You can find a true insight of Guru Transit on you, based on your Moon sign with the help of Jupiter transit report. Get the suitable remedy from our prominent astrologers along with the report. Effect of Jupiter Transit on the respective Moon Signs. Jupiter Transit into Scorpio will not bring such good results for Aries natives. They may feel uneasy and restless.

There are chances of injuries or major ailments. Unexpected financial gains are on the cards; however, risky investments may burn the savings. It proves a very less favorable time to make investments. Health and professional issues take a toll on family life resulting in occasional outbursts and bitter confrontations. Jupiter will move into your 8th House, the House of Obstruction. Hence be very cautious. It is advisable to avoid lending money and investing in new projects. Believe in yourself, your capabilities and have faith.

Your interest in Occult sciences, supernatural powers, and magic may increase. During the transiting phase it is advisable to visit holy places and worship your lord.

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Jupiter will move into 7th House, the House of marriage. This phase is extremely favorable for singles, willing to get married. It is a golden phase for people who are already married. While they are patient, they are also lazy, especially when ordered to do something.

The Taurus will not move a muscle till they are motivated to get up and work. In their bid to secure their future and maintain a certain image in the society, the Taurus tend to become materialistic. Possessiveness, which often translates into jealousy and resentment, is one major negative trait in the Taurus-born. Many a times their possessiveness even costs them genuine relationships. While it is good to value money, the Taurus-born sometimes takes it too far and become frugal in the name of savings and building a better future.

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Also Read Taurus Health. When it comes to love, Taureans are all about honesty, which is why a first date with a Bull may resemble a job interview. They're not being rude—they're built for partnerships and are simply trying to see if you're a good fit at the start. And once you begin dating a Taurus, forget about white lies. A Taurus would much rather hear that an outfit is unflattering than endure hollow compliments. Taurus will hold a grudge against someone who lies, even if it's a lie just to make them feel happy. In bed, Taurus is a giving lover—as long as their partner steps it up and makes sure to give as well as receive pleasure!

Detail-oriented Taurus may seem nitpicky even in the bedroom, a mid-romp critique may not be unusual , but that's not because they want to offend. While Taurus has an intense internal drive, they sometimes have trouble respecting authority, especially if asked to do something they think is pointless or should be done differently. Learning to be flexible and go with the flow can be an advantage to Taurus. And while Taureans have a rich internal life, they value external attributes and may overlook someone who doesn't have the perfect outfit, car, or resume.

Learning the benefits of getting to know someone before writing them off can be a lifelong lesson to a Taurean, especially in love, where they might be too hasty to write off a perfect match. Their name says it all: Persistent and hardworking, once a Taurus sets a goal, it will get done—despite any obstacles that may come up.

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While becoming friends with a Taurus can be tough since they're so particular about who they want in their social circle, once you're in, you're in for life. Taurus doesn't get pulled down by gossip or petty drama. They'll always see the best in their loved ones and buoy them up when they're feeling down.

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