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But in Gandhi's case as it was the Moon that was configured with these malefics, his revolt against the abuses of his time was but a powerful emotional Moon response, devoid of innate violence. Sun In Virgo. As already stated, Virgo is the most angelic of the constellations, being inherently pure in heart and deed. Conscientiousness in all their dealing is a marked trait with people born when the Sun is passing through this constellation sidereal, Sept. In the execution of what they conceive to be their duty, or in the attainment of their lofty ideals, they are calm, dispassionate and implacable, and in extreme cases indifferent to the sufferings of others, pitiless, and horrified at nothing.

If a job has to be done, they will not shirk it, even though others shall suffer in consequence. Living almost exclusively in the mind they will permit nothing to disturb the rigid routine of their lives. Venus, the significator of love, is in its fall in this constellation and its natives are accordingly not prone to sentimentality nor the tender feelings of compassion and love.

If they are agitated by feelings of endearment, these spring from the head and not the heart. I t is not, therefore, surprising to find so many natives of this constellation in the army, navy and police forces. Such people are, as a rule, apt in learning, versatile, fond of curiosities, accumulators of knowledge, expert with the fingers, mechanically dexterous and capable of seeing through machinery.

In argument they excel in splitting hairs and will take as much delight in making, mending or even playing with a child's mechanical toy, as in planning a military campaign. While making the best of executives, the native of Virgo is a poor administrator, being tormented, by indecision and the conflict of opposing ideas; and fearful of choosing wrongly, he hesitates to act, and then it usually is too late.

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Virgo is par excellence the constellation of the strategist, the civil and military engineer, the draftsman, the cartographer the statistician, the mechanic, the factory hand, the librarian, the clerk and the school teacher. According to Manilius, bashfulness is characteristic of Virgo. Bashfulness and shyness are responses of the emotions and hence come under the dominion of the Moon. It is certainly true that those who have the Moon at birth configured with Mars from the foreground of their nativities are remarkable for their unabashed behavior in public, even though the Sun may be in the constellation Virgo.

Lord Henry Cavendish is said to be the shyest man who ever lived. He was wont to lock himself away in his laboratory, and used the backstairs to avoid meeting the domestics. He was born on October 10, N. I t has, however, been observed that when among equals, Virgos are at their ease, but before superiors of both sexes they suffer torture, the more so should the Moon also be in this constellation, and hold no relationship with the brazen Mars.

Like the other Mercurial sign, Gemini, the natives of Virgo are inwardly highly nervous. An unexpected noise or touch will make them hit the ceiling. Even when sitting, their hands and feet are often seen to be quivering. Easily worried and agitated by their indecision, Virgos lack all the easy-going placidity of their opposite, Pisces. Just as the latter like to gorge themselves with the delicacies of the table and wine cellar and are seldom serious except where sports or gambling are concerned , so the former as a class are so concerned about their spiritual and material well-being that they frequently attempt to thrive on the most frugal of fares and take life all too seriously.

Natives of this constellation are usually not noted for good looks or symmetry of form, but what they lack in this respect they more than make up for in talent and attention to duty. As Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of speech, it is not surprising that it has produced some of the greatest orators and rhetoricians of history. Annie Besant, whom the late G. Shaw claimed was the greatest orator of her day, confessed that she suffered agonies of stage fright every time she mounted the platform.

Ajaccio, Corsica , one of the greatest strategists of all time, shows the 25th degree of the constellation Virgo rising at birth. Most textbooks stress Virgo's interest in astrology and therefore it is not surprising to find that many of the leading exponents of the art have one or other of the luminaries in this constellation, or the stars of Virgo rose at their birth.

Green, Heinrich Daath and Charles E. Reverting to Gandhi's nativity, we find that Mercury, the dispositor of the Sun, was in the ascendant in the venusian constellation Libra, and in the immediate foreground. Hence Mercury was the dominant influence in the Mahatma's life. Hitler, too, was born under the rising of Libra, and he, too, had Mercury, as the most angular planet in his geniture, being on the cusp of the 7th house. Both men swayed the masses by the magic of the spoken word, but whereas Hitler's Mercury sounded the clarion call to arms, being in the Martial constellation Aries, Gandhi's Mercury exhorted the people to nonviolence because it was placed in the peace-loving Libra.

Mercury is the smallest of the planets, yet remove it from the horoscopes of these two leaders and they would cease to be the historical figures they are. Although Sun in Virgo people normally verge on the slim side in marked contrast to their more corpulent opposites, the Sun in Pisces, March 16th-April 15th, yet the Mahatma's spare body and boy-like undeveloped frame, his remarkable business aptitude, his keen incisive intellect and nimble decisions, his restless activity and capacity for tireless traveling bespeak the dominance of Mercury's signature on his life.

Its position in the immediate foreground was so strong that it effectively counteracted the influence of the Moon-Venus-Mars configuration. In other words politics and business took precedence over the call of the flesh. But this would not have been the case had the apostle of nonviolence been born an hour or so later, which demonstrates how important it is to know the correct time of birth. The propinquity of Uranus, in the journalistic Gemini, to the Midheaven added that remarkable touch of originality, unexpectedness and uniqueness which are the hallmarks of success, and which, through the medium of the press, make Gandhi the most exceptional political figure of our times.

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The fact that Gandhi was no accumulator of wealth and indifferent to his personal security is not at all surprising seeing that the self-protective and cautious Saturn was in the remote back ground of his nativity, being in the middle of the 2nd house. Fateful Solar Return. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on January 30, at p. If a sidereal ephemeris for this year were at hand, we could tell at a glance the day in October, when the Sun occupied the same sidereal longitude as it did at birth, and the calculation of the return would be a straightforward matter.

But as no sidereal ephemeris for this year is available, we have no option but to use a tropical ephemeris for and by adding the sidereal longitude of the vernal point V. We find that the V. Using an Ephemeris we find the Sun's tropical and sidereal longitudes at 0h U. Hence the 78th Sidereal Solar Return occurred on October 4, We must now proceed to discover the precise time as in table below. Sun's Diurnal Motion. Sun's D.

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Therefore the Mahatma's sidereal solar return see chart 2 occurred at 2h 16m 27s a. Small wonder, therefore, that tropical solar returns fell into such bad repute, and were, for the most part, ignored. We will now determine the sidereal time or R. October 4, at 0h U. Increment at the rate of 9.

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A tropical horoscope should now be calculated in the usual manner, the longitudes of the planets being computed for a. In this chart the positions of the birth radical planets are shown in the inner circle, while the position of the planets on October 4, at a. T are shown in the outer circle.

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A mere glance at Chart No. The ancients averred that if the angles of the return were radix, that is identical with those of the birth chart, the year would prove climactic in some way or other. This is not only true in this instance, but it will be noticed that Mercury occupies almost the same longitude as it does at birth, an indication of restless traveling and fatal speech-making.

Neptune's proximity to the Sun betokened his contemplated retirement from the religious life, but being in the 12th house forewarned of the danger of assassins lying in ambush. The great benefic Jupiter could render no assistance as it was under the earth and in the background. Fateful Lunar Return.

This narrow band in the heavens is called the Tropical Zodiac. The Tropical Zodiac begins at the first degree of Aries, which only coincides with the constellation Aries every 26, years at the Vernal Equinox. Each year, the spring season begins a little earlier. As the centuries have passed, the differences between the two Zodiacs has stretched until it is now almost 25 degrees. It is possible that the Sidereal Zodiac is more ancient than its Tropical counterpart.

It is still widely used by Hindu astrologers and by many Western astrologers. These practitioners are called Siderealists.

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They place great emphasis on prediction. Are you sufficiently open-minded to consider the possibility that you are a member of an unfamiliar Sun sign, at least for a short time? Who knows? You may prefer your Sidereal sign and choose to focus upon it. The typical Aquarian seldom gets lost in a crowd. There is usually something special that makes members of this Air sign stand out as true individualists.

Independent and intellectual, you have a probing mind that seeks as much knowledge as it can possible gather. When you become intrigued by a subject, you pursue all avenues to collect information about it. Every party should have at least one Aquarian guest to keep the atmosphere scintillating.

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Uranus gives you an electrifying wit. You have a deep understanding of, and feeling for humanity. It is far easier for you to identify with the masses than with one person. You are able to use your great personal magnetism to influence any group you join. If positive aspects dominate your birth chart, to are indefatigable, working on projects for hours and hours without slowing down. Initiating relationships can be a challenge for Aquarius natives. You fear your freedom will be diminished if you make a formal commitment to another person.